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Proteina Pura Nectar

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Proteina Pura Nectar is a highly bioavailable blend of plant-based proteins with a protein content of 40%, enriched with Spent Brewer's Yeast, Chlorella algae (useful proteins to support the body's natural defenses and detoxifying functions), and Spirulina algae (rich in proteins and essential amino acids). Complete with essential amino acids. 

The product is useful for supporting the productive and reproductive rhythms of the beehive, for stimulating the queen's egg-laying and in general for providing additional nutrition to families in case of need.

It can be used for the production of protein cakes with syrup for family nutrition. Granulometry less than 500 microns.

Like all products in the Nectar Line, Pure Protein is Made In Italy.



To support increased production and/or reproductive rhythms; to stimulate queen egg-laying; 

during enteric diseases (Nosemosis); 

to support nomadism activity and pollen scarcity; 

ideal for the preparation of fertilization nuclei and pollination nuclei;

for breeding queen bees and producing royal jelly; during severe Varroa infestations and family weakening. 

To be used always in the absence of super.



Use when extra support for families is needed, in spring and autumn.



Use as it is or for the production of cakes to be placed on clean plastic sheets and placed directly on the combs. 

Mix the powder with one part of pure Nectar syrup until a consistency of polenta is achieved (about 10-15%); the cake must be used immediately after production or frozen and used when needed. The product should be mixed and used in clean containers.



Store in well-closed packaging in a cool and dry place.
Expiration date: 24 months from production.



1 kg bottle.

8 kg bucket.

The image is for illustrative purposes only.



Composition: yeast from saccharomyces cerevisiae, concentrated protein from alfalfa, dried algae (spirulina), algae flour (chlorella vulgaris), sucrose. Analytical components % s.t.q.: crude protein 40%, crude fat 0.6%, crude fiber 1.5%, crude ash 7.3%, sodium 0.1%, lysine 3%, methionine 0.7%. Additives per kg: (agglomerants) E551b colloidal silica 4,000 mg. D-pantothenate (3a841) 10,000 mg, (oligo element compounds) cobalt (cobalt acetate (II) tetrahydrate) 20mg, (preservatives) acetic acid (E260) 5,600 mg, citric acid (1a) (E330) 30,400 mg, sodium propionate (E281) 15,000 mg, (antioxidants) propyl gallate (E310) 430 mg, (emulsifiers) glyceryl ricinoleate polyethylene glycol (E484) 1,000 mg.


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